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Register SSM

Register your business license online

Renew SSM

Renew your business license online

SSM Information Update

Business license information update

Reprint SSM Business

Business license and certificate reprint

Terminate SSM

Business operation closing

Register MOF

Ministry of finance Registration

Renew MOF

Ministry of finance Renewal

Add MOF field code

Ministry of finance field code

Renew MOF Digital Certificate

Ministry of finance Digital Certificate Renewal

Register MOF Bumiputera Status

Ministry of finance Bumiputera Status Registration


Get Your SSM Business Started Now

Wishing to begin a new business journey but not sure where to start? Get register your business SSM license now with EzBiz to start your business trip.
SSM Ezbiz Online Registration

Register SSM Business License Online

Register your Ezbiz SSM account online now to start your own business or partnership. You just need to fill out the registration form, upload the required documents, make payment and we will contact you shortly.

ROB (Enterprise/ Trading/ Resources/ Services/ Empire/ Legacy/ Ventures/ Global/ Shop/ Cafe/ Supply/ Agro/ Store/ Garage/ etc..)

Streamline the process of registering SSM Ezbiz online with utmost convenience—eliminate the need to visit a counter. Once successfully completed, your SSM Certificate and business information will be promptly delivered via WhatsApp and email for your immediate access.

SSM Ezbiz Online Renewal

Renew SSM Business License Online

Ensure timely renewal of your SSM Ezbiz business license online, preventing any penalties for submitting renewals before the expiry of more than 12 months.

(Please note that if the license has lapsed beyond this period, renewal will no longer be possible)

Renew SSM Ezbiz Online in 10 Minutes. SSM Business Renewal Portal, Certificates & Business Information sent via Email & Whatsapp in PDF format.

Print SSM Ezbiz with CTC

Reprint the SSM Business Certificate

Obtain a color-printed SSM certificate, featuring a barcode for easy scanning, and duly recognized as a valid Certified True Copy (CTC).

(SSM Certificate & Business Info (ROB / ROC)

SSM Certificate & Business Information will be sent via email & whatsapp in PDF format immediately.

SSM Ezbiz Change Information

Change of Business Particulars on SSM Database and Certificate Online

To update your business information with the Companies Commission of Malaysia (SSM), simply complete the designated form. The specific steps to be followed are contingent upon the nature of the change you intend to make, such as:

(Address / Owner / Partner / Branch & Business Information)

Upon successful processing of the SSM certificate, the revised business information will be promptly dispatched to you via WhatsApp and email for your immediate access.

SSM Ezbiz Online Termination

Termination of Business SSM Online

The termination of business can be requested in the event of cessation of business, bankruptcy, death and court order. The SSM certificate needs to be renewed if it has expired.

(Ensure that the SSM Certificate is valid and has not expired before initiating the termination process)

Online Business Termination Portal is provided by SSM Ezbiz. After the application is approved, business termination information will be sent via email & WhatsApp, presented in an easily accessible PDF format.


Register Your MOF License Now

Expanding your business to serve the government sector in Malaysia presents an intriguing opportunity for your company. Secure your license today and seize this opportunity.

Register MOF Online

MOF License Registration online

A financial license is an official certificate issued by the Ministry of Finance (MOF) Malaysia. Typically, this license serves as a mandatory requirement imposed on companies, ensuring compliance before they are eligible to engage in government or statutory body contract quotations.

Free Digital Certificate

Enterprise / Partnership / private (ROB) / Sdn Bhd (ROC)

Renew MOF Online

MOF License Renewal

It is essential to renew your Ministry of Finance (MOF) License prior to its expiration every three years. Failure to renew the MOF License will lead to the cancellation of your registration.

Enterprise / Partnership / private (ROB) / Sdn Bhd (ROC)

Add MOF field code

MOF License Business Code

The Common Field Code or Special Field Code is a numerical code established by the Ministry of Finance (MOF) to categorize each type of company business or tender works originating from government departments. This code also serves to denote the registered business type of a company within the Companies Commission of Malaysia (SSM).

Enterprise / Partnership / private (ROB) / Sdn Bhd (ROC)

Renew MOF Digital Certificate

MOF License Digital Certificate Renewal

The Digital Certificate renewal process enables users who have registered a Digital Certificate to extend its validity period, with the standard renewal term set at 3 years.

Enterprise / Partnership / private (ROB) / Sdn Bhd (ROC)

Register MOF Bumiputera Status

MOF Bumiputera Status Registration

The Bumiputera Status application is a service offered to all suppliers registered with the Ministry of Finance (MOF) Malaysia. To qualify for Bumiputera status, a company must have at least 51% ownership held by Bumiputera individuals.

Enterprise / Partnership / private (ROB) / Sdn Bhd (ROC).

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