Perkhidmatan Lesen Perniagaan SSM (ROB)

Pendaftaran SSM

Pendaftaran SSM secara atas talian

Sole/partnership and private business registration steps

  1. The customer fills out the registration form
  2. Upload the required documents
  3. Make payment
  4. After making the payment, the staff in charge will contact the customer via WhatsApp.
ROB (Enterprise/ Trading/ Resources/ Services/ Empire/ Legacy/ Ventures/ Global/ Shop/ Cafe/ Supply/ Agro/ Store/ Garage/ dll..)

Perbaharui lesen perniagaan

  1. Business Renewal Application can be done online.
  2. Renewal of business registration can be made for a period of one (1) and not exceeding five (5) years at each renewal.
  3. Businesses that have expired for more than 12 months cannot be renewed. The owner needs to re-register the business.

Ubah maklumat lesen perniagaan

  • Change of Business Address
  • Change in Business Type
  • Branch Information Changes
  • Change of owner / partner information

Tutup lesen perniagaan

Termination may be registered for the following reasons:

  • Stop doing business
  • Bankrupt
  • Death of the owner
  • Court order

Cetak semula lesen perniagaan

  • Give More Confidence
  • You and your customers can verify using a QR Code
  • Ready for submission
  • Ready fo Loan application, Permit/license application, Vendor application etc.
  • Effortless
  • No need to apply CTC Stamping outside when you need to submit your Business Registration

Is the latest business information that contains the basic information of a business (such as business name, registration number, registration date, registration expiry date, business form, business status, main business address, business address, type of business conducted and business branch information

Perkhidmatan Lesen Kementerian Kewangan (MOF)

lesen kewangan mof

Lesen Kementerian Kewangan Malaysia


Pelanggan mengisi borang permohonan yang terdapat di dalam laman web ini


Pihak kami akan menyemak borang permohonan dan akan memberi maklumat tentang syarat-syarat kelayakan tambahan yang perlu dipatuhi.


Pelanggan perlu menghantar dokumen yang diperlukan kepada pihak kami


Pihak kami akan menghantar borang permohonan yang lengkap untuk diproses oleh sistem perolehan Kementerian Kewangan Malaysia


Permohonan yang telah lulus akan mendapat sijil. Pihak kami akan menghantar sijil kepada pelanggan melalui email dan whatsapp

Yes, you can. You just click the button RENEW NOW and then follow a few simple steps in the order form. You fill in the details, make a payment using online banking and then wait for your order within one hour. It will be delivered in softcopy by email.

The cost is starting from RM110 including service charge. The cost for online renewal is slightly vary here because we offer fast renewal service and you will get the documents in softcopy(pdf files). Plus we do offer a guarantee to retrieve or re-print your SSM certificate copy without any charge and without any limit after you succeeded to renew your SSM here. If you do it elsewhere usually you need to pay the cost of re-print every time you need it.

In this case your business has been terminated by SSM due to it has been expired for more than a year. You can re-register your business over the SSM counter and pay the late compound.

Yes you can. But please be noted that you still have to pay the compound within the given period (14 days from the date of renewal) by SSM or otherwise you will be blacklisted. edited. It expires after 1 day.

You will get the penalty for being late to renew you SSM starting from day 1 after the expiry date. You are subjected to pay the compound for late renewal. The first month, the compound is RM20 and then for the following months, you need to add on RM10 for each month. Your business should be not exceeding 12 months late renewal, otherwise it will be automatically terminated by SSM.

Yes: It will be a refund (- 10% charges) if the renewel not successful and cannot refund for cancellation by customer